Third patch

Patch update for 10th February 2020

Found a couple of bugs I thought were significant enough to warrant another patch straight away

  • Fixed a bug where jump input did not respond on the first frame of certain state changes
  • Fixed a bug where characters that can jump on Ed's head could hurt him whilst moving upwards
  • Current location icon added to the guide
  • Fixed a bug where Ed's health can turn negative and he instantly dies as soon as he enters a new room
  • Arbitrary text change - "Use Sage" is now "Play as Sage"
  • Hint to remind you to check the map added
  • You can no longer load future versions of the game which may result in the game crashing
  • Fixed outline shader showing when it isn't supposed to

I've added a couple of extra lines of text which haven't been translated into German. These will just appear in English.


Other Minds Windows (3rd patch) 21 MB
Feb 10, 2020
Other Minds Ubuntu (3rd patch) 20 MB
Feb 10, 2020
Other Minds MacOS (3rd patch) 22 MB
Feb 10, 2020

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