Patch notes for v210701 and other news

I've just completed a long overdue update for bug fixes, various minor issues and one game breaking bug which has baffled me for the past 6 months.


  • Demos!

Patch notes

  • New super secret level added to EdSpace Zone 1
  • Fixed gap in geometry in EdSpace Zone 1 level 3
  • Fixed background tiles bieing invisible in a few EdSpace Zone 1 levels
  • Fixed an issue with the main menu potentially crashing if you don't have a pre-existing saved game
  • Ed's blinking sprite's shading is now consistent with the idle sprites
  • Removed level select from menu
  • Added "connect" menu option so you can visit my website, itch io page, discord from the main menu
  • Added super secret easter egg to EdSpace Zone 1 which probably nobody will ever work out how to get to
  • Updated Ochre Hill time trial developer time so it's actually possible now
  • Various arbitrary dialogue changes
  • Various arbitrary level changes
  • Fixed weirdness and game crashes associated with birds carrying things then dying/killing the things they're carrying
  • Bee boss music doesn't loop weirdly anymore - it doesn't loop at all though because it's not loopable
  • Fixed Dr Death's jumping animation (yes it's seriously been broken the entire lifespan of this game)
  • Spawn point when you enter Dr Death's office after facing the death gauntlet is fixed, so you're no longer forced to return to the death gauntlet
  • Fixed some tiles in the Gauntlet Escape room
  • Fixed bug where Ed dies if he crouches and then jump in a confined space
  • Music doesn't keep playing during pause screen on rhythm levels/time trials
  • Ochre Hill Laser Disc challenge is a little easier and more consistent now
  • Change a bunch of tiles in EdSpace Zone 2 because they weren't the correct tiles
  • Save file dates now have a leading zero for months and days that are lower than 10 (i.e. it will show 2021/06/12 instead of 2012/6/12)

Transferring save data

The save data has a new location, so if you're trying to transfer over old data here's how. The format of data has not changed so the process should be seamless.

Firstly, open the game - this will create the new save file location.

Windows - You must first enable viewing hidden files, or you will not be able to see AppData
Navigate to local disc -> Users -> [your username] -> AppData -> Local

There should be a folder called Other_Minds_new. Copy all the files in that folder. Now go back to Local, find a folder called Other_Minds_2_3 and paste the files there. Overwrite the files if prompted.

Linux - Enable viewing hidden files (ctrl+H). Navigate to your home folder -> .config

There should be a folder called Other_Minds_new. Copy all the files from that folder. Navigate back to .config, find a folder called Other_Minds_2_3 and paste the files in there. Overwrite the files if prompted

Drop a comment below if you need help


Other Minds 23 MB
Jun 12, 2021
Other Minds v210701 23 MB
Jun 12, 2021
Other Minds GMS2 Source 67 MB
Jun 12, 2021

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  • Added super secret easter egg to EdSpace Zone 1 which probably nobody will ever work out how to get to

i have tried rolling the 25% augustine chance and bouncing one slime on top of another to elevate one of them one level

i have tried doing a ledge jump instead of a regular run + jump

i have ran through edspace1 so many times i feel like i could top a speedrun board for it

and yet,, i cannot jump to the far top ledge in the final spike drop level there. 
i need a hint, the answer, something.

my children are dying

(1 edit) (+1)

I was laughing with some people about how dickish this secret was. Maybe I took it too far. I'm sorry.

First of all, you can reset levels by either quitting to menu and reloading, or changing the difficulty, so it's not a one shot it you miss it.

There's also a 25% chance of the red slime having alternative dialogue which will give you a hint.

But if you really need me to just spoil it for you...

Changing the difficulty affects how strong gravity it. You need to be on easy difficulty to make the jump.


phew! thank you for the help, i finally made it. it's wild how even with this knowledge it took me like 7+ separate tries to make that jump D=
just a heads up! i've gotten the game to consistently crash by trying to open the map in the room this secret takes you to

(1 edit)

Haha yes I had to make it just reachable but also unreachable on harder difficulties - which leads to this very specific sized gap! You're almost definitey the first person to actually go to that level ๐Ÿ˜†

If you are looking on the map to see what's there, there's nothing hidden - it gives you a little bit of % added to your completion total though! And dangit, thanks for the bug report - I think I know why that happens, it's because I forgot how my own game works! I'll get an update put out this weekend!

(1 edit) (+1)

almost definitely being the first person to see that is pretty exciting! i really love the music there.

idk if you plan on adding more to the game (augustine elevator electricity being off leads me to believe maybe???) but here's something i thought had some potantial: if you know the fireplace death rectangle is coming you can dodge it! 

with that EdZone1 secret i have 100% completion :- ) ty for making such a cool game! the levels synchronized to music were my favorites :- )

The music is one of my friend's solo projects, I really like his work but it's a bit inappropriate for the game generally so was fun to tuck it away somewhere ๐Ÿ˜

The game is not really finished how I originally intended, I spent a long time on it and it was starting to affect my personal life too much so I eventually decided to cut it short - there's a couple other things that I never got round to doing anything with as well as the elevator. I think about picking it up again sometimes, but I think it's more likely I'll end up making a new, smaller game with similar ideas and characters.

Thanks for the nice comments though, I'm glad you had a good time playing ๐Ÿ˜ and glad to know that someone actually went out of their way to find the ultra secret secret ๐Ÿ˜†