May 2020 Demo Update

The demo has been updated once again!

New additions:

  • Musical Gauntlet Level; a new level where everything moves in time with the music
  • Difficulty settings overhaul; easy/hard mode now have a much greater effect on the gameplay
  • Particles everywhere; I've added tons of particle effects to various things
  • New setup screen to configure control scheme and difficulty

Minor changes:

  • Minor changes to early levels, including making all levels enclosed
  • Game will tell you when you've hit a checkpoint
  • Black cinematic bars for dialogues etc
  • Fixed a bug where there may have been a small delay when collecting an orb
  • Fixed a bug where screenshake was removed when at room boundaries
  • Spinning signs are now possesable
  • Removed invalid cat petting situations
  • Tutorial music now fully loops
  • Player can walk up small steps
  • Phase two of the Dr Death boss fight is now shorter
  • Game will notify you when you've collected all orbs/secrets in a level


Other Minds Demo (May 2020, Linux) 15 MB
May 25, 2020
Other Minds Demo (May 2020) 15 MB
May 25, 2020

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