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About the Game

Other Minds is a pixel art style game where you play as Ed and Sage. Ed is your human who you can use for your standard platforming action, whereas Sage can fly around freely and take control of any other character.

You will take advantage of the other character’s abilities to solve puzzles, beat levels and uncover the nefarious plot of Dr Death. Ed and Sage must save the world because everybody else is too busy standing around thinking about things.

For the collect-a-thon lovers, there are hidden orbs to collect and secret levels containing LaserDiscs to find. These unlock bonus time trials and rhythm levels to give the completionists some bonus content.

Current Status

Other Minds is now on hold and this can be considered it's beta release.

The game features a core gameplay loop and an ending, so it does function as a standalone full game.

It was originally planned to be a much larger game, and as such the story is massively under-developed.

I worked on this for about 19 months and I just burnt out. It's a combination of not enough interest to keep me going and the project being a huge, complicated mess. It was my first game, so I over-scoped and the project planning wasn't the greatest.

Anyway, there's potential for me to pick it up again in the future, but for now I'd like to do other things.


  • Programming, art and basically everything else by Edward Atkin (@EAtkin)
  • Music by Richard Kerry (@RichardAKerry)
  • Sound design and additional music by Mark Mauer (@JustWallGames)
  • Testing and moral support by many, many people! Thank you!

Connect with Me!

If you would like to just follow major game updates, I have a Twitter account specifically for the game: @OtherMindsGame.

You can also follow my progress on my developer Twitter account: @EAtkin. I post many more updates there and my DMs are open to everyone, so feel free to message me with any questions, feedback or anything else!

I also have a community Discord server:

Other Links

  • Richard Kerry's part of the soundtrack can be purchased and streamed on Bandcamp
  • JustWall's part of the soundtrack can be downloaded and streamed on Bandcamp
  • Source Code available on Github

(Alternatively Source Code can be downloaded as a GMS2 Project File)


Download or claim
On Sale!
100% Off
$6.00 $0.00 USD or more

Click download now to get access to the following files:

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other minds 41 MB
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Development log


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the hype is real!



Awesome work! Keep it up! 

Thanks Rik! Hope you liked this one better than the other one! 🤣


This is a great old school platformer! :D. Really dig the art, the concept is really cool - I'm intrigued to see what other creatures there are to control in the future! I had fun giving it a try, looking forward to the full release!

Here's a little intro let's play. But to anyone interested, just download it and give it a whirl! :D


This game is down right amaizing! This game deserves so much more. Here is my review of it.

1. The controls. Everything feels so smooth and percise, it is probably one of the best platformer controls that I have ever played. It feels so nice to jump on enemies, and is down right very nice to play.

2. The mechanics. Mechanicaly everything just fits into place. The signs that were used to change the directions of platforms though very simple, felt very nice to use. I also love how you can take control of enemies, it feels great to do so. Then you can use the same mechanic that controls the enemies to explore the map, and see what you are dealing with. I found this awesome! The same mechanics were used for many different uses which is great!

3. The tutorial. Their was no tutorial, sure their was the controls, but this was far from the tutorial. The game teaches you how to play by playing the game. It's wonderful, the players figure out automatically how to play the game either than boring text. The game was super intutive and easy to figure out. The mechanics are slowly interduced in the game, and it really helps when learning the game. The mechanics are also twisted in many different ways so you can learn how to do multiple different things with one mechanic.

4. Sounds and Music. The sounds and music in this game are great! They fit the game so well. Love hearing all of the little sounds, the music was awesome everything just blends its self together so well.

5. Conclusion. This game is amazing, it deserves every download it gets plus more. It is crafted in such a way that is genous, and feels so nice to play. I love how this game works, and I love everything about it. I recommend this game to everyone, if you haven't played it yet, give it a try. Help out this amazing developer.

Thank you so much for this in depth reply and how complimentary you were about the game! I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed it, its a bit hard to get over the ol' imposter syndrome and reading things like this helps a lot.

In particular I'm glad you liked the lack of tutorial, I think I'd just got done playing Epic Mickey which tutorialised everything and I was so sick of it I decided to try make the game in a way that the player worked out what to do for themselves.

Thanks again! Glad you enjoyed it!


Loving it, Edward! Recommend this to everyone!

Thanks so much, Jay! Means a lot to hear that!


Smashed it, can't recommend this game enough!


Thanks bud, always great to hear some positive feedback!


Awesome game!  Congrats on the Demo Release - HYPE!

Thanks JustWall! :D so excited to finally get it out