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This is not a joke, this is a serious game
Help me, why don't you?
Even people like me get into trouble sometimes

People make mistakes
Anyway, I need help fixing mine
Sometimes I get drunk and do stupid things
Sometimes I get drunk and poison my entire family
When that happens, I can't live with the consequences
Otherwise I will rot in prison
Don't leave me here

I need help
Someone must help me

Radial drilling machine

Did you get all that?

Yours Faithfully,

Justin Wall

How to play

Point and click controls - arrow keys to move (or WASD), click on things to interact with them

If on mobile, press and drag left or right to move left and right.

Interactive objects will move when you hover the mouse over.


JustWall Games a.k.a. Justin Wall - music

DisOmikron - vocal cords

Development log

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