Board Hunting was something I did on GameFAQs in the early 00's. It seems weird nowadays, but when the internet was still fairly young and there was little in the way of social media, it was a fun thing to do.

In this Bitsy, I endlessly ramble on about what it was like and what board hunting is. I also take a look at a snapshot of a board from 2004 from the Internet Archive. Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to recover any messages, just topic titles.

How to Play

Arrow keys/WASD - walk around

On mobile - swipe in the direction you want to move

Made with Bitsy:


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I'm really glad you made this game, if nothing else, than to capture what it was like to be in these tiny secret communities! We need more early internet culture captured like this for future generations! Really cool!

Thanks!! I've been thinking of talking about this little bit of internet lore for a while. The old internet was kind of a fascinating places, nowadays all our entertainment is served to us on a plate, back in the day we had to look for it! 👴

Here's an absolutely ancient website with some more board hunting lore I just found if you want to read more for some reason!