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"Ben Was Assimilated" was featured on the "Arcane Cache", a underground blog for underground games:

Ben Was Assimilated is a robustly realized game that not only hold onto its promises - the main gameplay loop is fun, the aesthetics are nice, and the execution feels fluid - but outgoes them in some aspects: The "break" featured in this game is radical, surprising and a prime example for what underground productions can offer, as things like these are unlikely to be done by even small commercial orientated studios that usually don't want to risk alienating their customers with such stuff.

Well done!

Thank you! That was a lovely write-up.

The game is quite old now but I'm glad that people are still coming along and having fun with it.

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Really fun! Whats your license for the source? would love to port to android

It's all rights reserved but I can write you a licence to port it if you want.


Cool game, but a roguelike requires permadeath and random generation. Turning on permadeath and randomizer gets you 70% of the way there, but random terrain would help a lot. Still a nice adventure game though. Controls were a little sticky for me, don't know if that's a problem on my end or intentional.

Thanks for playing anyway.

What do you mean by sticky controls? Might find it's a bit more responsive in the desktop builds maybe. In theory you should be able to move 30 spaces per second. I can look into it though, need to do another update at some point soon anyway.


permadeath randomizer mode makes for a very fun chaotic roguelike.

I always run out of good weapons near the end of the game! Usually nice and easy starting out though :)


Love these concepts/games! Wanna make something similiar myself. :P
Great work with the art, music and coding in general!
Together they make a nice atmosphere. :)

Thanks for the positive comments! Glad you had a good time with it.

Got the project for download if you wanted to have a look (if you're using GMS2). I didn't draw a single piece of art for this game though, that was all by our hero Kenney! I wouldn't have even made this game without his free assets.


NP man! :)
And, ok. Well im using Unity and im completely new with coding,
so i have some learning to do. Heh...
Welp, stay safe!


It was really fun, but the thing that stood out most to me was the music. How it changed for each Ben. Great work!


Hey thanks a lot! Kinda glad you said that because I made the first couple of tracks myself, and I don't usually work on music because it takes me too long 😅 got a bit of the old imposter syndrome, but I thought they were cool tracks

Great to hear you had fun!