An Unexpected Update (also game's now open source)


In short:

  • I've updated the Windows build ONLY. Unfortunately Gamemaker's limitations means custom text loading will not be available for Linux. Sorry :(
  • I would recommend you download this build if you plan on spending much time with it
  • Custom text loading added
  • Three new songs from my good buddy JustWall (go listen to his bandcamp here:
  • Source code released so you can do what you want with it

I've also fixed a few things:

  • A horrible oversight I made which made the game lag for very large texts
  • A bug with saving
  • Changed the way music is shuffled (a Gamemaker update broke it)

Web version things I need to fix:

  • The lag issue that I've fixed in the downloadable version

Web version things that I can't reasonably fix due to limitation with Gamemaker

  • Entering more than one character per frame will only accept the first character
  • Loading in external texts is not currently possible

Source Code:

I've stripped out all the assets I don't have the rights to redistribute (music, a font and some backgrounds) and released the source code on Github:

The game is made with Gamemaker Studio 2 and was compiled with v2.3.7.603

Updates to Gamemaker sometimes break things


A Relaxing Typing 35 MB
Apr 23, 2022

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how can i reset the game to play again from scratch?

If you are on Windows, open run (windows key + R) and type %LOCALAPPDATA%. There should be a folder called something like A_Relaxing_Typing_Game, delete that and it'll get rid of all data.

In browser I don't think you can unless you clear all your temporary internet files.


I am so stoked for this.  Thank you!  💕

Hey, hope you enjoy it! I did read your email by the way, been thinking about open sourcing and fixing those few things for a while now but that helped spur me on 😁


That’s awesome, and I’m glad I could help.  😜

I read some of your blog, and I identify a lot with the picking up and dropping things for a long while.  We end up finding new things that interest us, and it’s hard to get back into the old things.  I think you’re doing just fine though, and you don’t need to be so hard on yourself.  Just go the way life takes you, be proud of your accomplishments, and enjoy the struggles.  Also talking to myself here because I don’t follow my own advice enough.  👍🏻