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this game is so cool!

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I can't type the one in the credits, in kenney's part. Kenney.n1

How can you reset your progress?

Seems like a great game, but I can't find an option for a dark/black background. The default options for the forest and the blue background are too bright to work with them.
I think the option to earn coins for more customization is a nice idea. However it's not as good if the accessibility is suffering under these options.
Could you please add a dark background to the default options! Otherwise I can't even start with the game.

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Awesome game!

One minor issue I'm running into (on the Windows version) is a few files are missing. So far, "To Helen", "Ulalune" & "A Dream Within A Dream" under Poe's Poetry keep displaying that message. Just thought you should know. 


how can i reset the game to play over again?

i love this game sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much it was pretty challenging but the shop was nive so i could custmize


This game is really nice, good job! But it doesn't work for me sometimes when I am on different web browsers, such as safari, windows etc. But other than that, great game!

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It’s proving really helpful to get used to a new keyboard layout all the while reading classics I wanted to read for a long time (currently that means A princess of Mars).

The main thing missing from the desktop version seem to be a fullscreen option, other than that, it’s great!


Does ctrl + F work for fullscreening?


Welp, I sure feel dumb to not have tried it ahah! Perfect game then 10/10.

Nah I should've probably added a button or a setting for it! There's a few controls in the page description.


This is such a clever game!! But the music doesnt work for me on the web running version of the game :/

HTML5 audio can sometimes be a bit iffy, especially as it can take a long time to load. The easiest possible fix you could try is loading the game then refreshing the page and loading it again.


Really enjoying this game, great job! I have a question about installing customized text: When installing a poem, how do you format the text file so that the poem is displayed line by line? Mine comes out as a single paragraph, and is hard to read. 

If I could make a request: Please put in more stuff in the store for us to buy! My coins are stockpiling with nowhere to spend them!

There's a "load as poem" button, does that not format it correctly? Sorry it's been a long time since I've looked at this game.


Yes, there is! I guess missed it even though I now remember having used it before.

Thanks for the answer, and also thanks for making a great game!


My god was this anything but relaxing! But it was quite challenging and fun! I also love the added things like being able to change up the text, background, UI, and whatnot. This really challenged me and I must've killed my poor fingers! Anyway, I really loved this game and I can't wait to play it again, because apparently I don't learn my lesson.

I will rename it to A Stressful Typing Game 😂


Cute small game!

I may have misunderstood the assignment though. Does this count as an achievement?


It does not but you did make me laugh quite a lot 😂😂


That's all the achievement I need!! lol 

Love it!


dont give up on games! very cooL!


Really cool game! ^^

It was truly relaxing! <3

There's an error in the options:
You put "Sceen shake/sounds on mistake",
instead of "Screen shake/sounds on mistake".

I guess thats an epic easter egg you found


nnniiiiiiiice game 1!1!11!!!!!!!

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I have honestly never played a typing game that felt so good and rewarding this is a work of art this game inspired me to make a similar game for my school. 

Amazing to hear, hope your game goes well!


Love this! Thank you!


Happy to hear that 🥰


Will I EVER Get Better at This?

Thanks to the dev for creating this game. It’s just simple enough to be super easy to pick up, but has enough content to make it nice and compelling to go back to.

love this concept and the way the game looks and feels! but the music i heard is not what i would call relaxing 😅 felt like I was robocop typing up Edgar Allen Poe, did not vibe. would be cool if there was a button to skip tracks? unless i missed it!

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ctrl+S skips tracks. There’s a few key combinations in the description for things. You can always mute the music and put your own on too 😉


awesome! thank you for pointing that out to me :)


Awesome game in everything, it would be even more awesome if we could add custom .txt files a folder to play later


Nice game, it was very fun and relaxing to play!


I randomly made an account to look at games and this was my first game that I played on the website.It's so fun omg thank you for making this

Oh wow what an honour 😃great to hear you enjoyed! Itch is full of cool and weird indie games.

How did you find this game if you don't mind me asking?


I went to my feed page and as I was scrolling your game was the first that caught my eye so I clicked on it and I'm glad to say I wasn't disappointed😄


Fun game with neat art and music. Great job!

Thanks! 😄

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Im from Germany and I really love this little game because i can learn to type fast in English! :)

But I found a bug in the poem "Sonnet LXXIII". In the poem itself theres a problem with a word as you can see in the picture. Usually you would just type but I have tried everything on my whole entire keyboard but nothing worked. :(

(i used the web version)

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Hey that's cool, I'm from England and I'm learning German :) I find the old poetry quite hard to type quickly, lots of uncommon words!

I'm sorry about the bug, I've posted a fix so you should be able to do it now. The website I got the poems on had some weird characters where there should be apostrophes and I had to manually remove them. I somehow missed this poem 😬


I like this game! It's a cute and relaxing time.

I have found a slight bug (playing the web embedded version). I wanted to quit a poem and so I hit the pause button and then realized I should have hit the door button to exit, so I clicked that button. The PAUSE text didn't go away and now I can't click anything.

Not a huge deal or anything but I know as a developer I would like to hear of any problems that are in my games as well.

Great work :)

Thanks for taking the time to comment, good to hear you liked it!

I checked out the pause bug and you can still exit the level, so you're not totally stuck. But yeah, that shouldn't happen, I'll get it fixed soon!